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2015 fall fire drill

   2015 September 23, Wednesday afternoon, autoequips capacitor Co., Ltd. Department staff in related to the leadership of the plant leadership and Guangming New District Fire Brigade command under the leadership of the successful a fire drill.
At 15:00 sharp, fire alarm sounded, the entire factory staff in accordance with posted on each floor shop escape identification guide staff instructions have to in front of the office building is square. Only 3 minutes, all staff will be nervous, orderly, and quickly completed the exercise. Subsequently, by the security team captain for the fire safety knowledge education.
First, Guangming New District Fire Brigade long ancient Chinese words -- "be vigilant in peace time" four word highly summarized the the exercise, also stressed the importance and necessity of the exercise. After that, the company's security team to teach the correct use of the method of dry powder fire extinguisher, so that the staff of various departments have a full understanding and awareness of fire fighting equipment.
Finally, the staff in order to guide the staff in turn left the square, this exercise a successful conclusion. The fire drill to improve the fire fighting consciousness of the whole plant, eliminating the fear of the staff of the fire, so that the staff can correctly face the danger, protect themselves.