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There is a great development space in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor in China.

In the last twenty years, the production of the global electronic components has shifted to China. As one of the most important electronic components, the production enterprises of aluminum electrolytic capacitors are obviously shifted to China, which makes the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is one of the most rapidly developing components in the past 10 years. China to its centralized machine manufacturing base, low cost of production, preferential tax policies, a large number of outstanding labor and other advantages to win the favor of aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, has become the world's most rapid expansion of aluminum electrolytic capacitor production, the industry presents a full speed to the transfer of the mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hongkong, China's new capacity is almost all located in the mainland of china.
Industry analysts pointed out that at present, China's aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturing enterprises in the market for flat-panel TVs, monitors, DVD, electronic ballast, computer, audio and other consumer products and general industrial products. In the process of competition with international enterprises, China's high quality capacitors and electrode foil production enterprises rapid growth, and gradually have the comprehensive strength and technological level of participation in international competition. East of the sun aluminum, Xinjiang public and Jianghai shares, Yangzhou Hongyuan, Huafeng aluminium foil and so on as representative of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers and electrode foil manufacturer with the development of the domestic market rapidly growing up.
Data show that in 2011 China's aluminum electrolytic capacitor production is about 83000000000, the domestic market demand is about 104200000000, the market size of about 21900000000 yuan, an increase of 11.73%. 2012 China's aluminum electrolytic capacitor market size will be a slight decline, about 19900000000 yuan. 2013 China's aluminum electrolytic capacitor market size has increased by about 20700000000 yuan; in 2016, China's aluminum electrolytic capacitor market size will reach 24000000000 yuan; 2011 to 2016 compound growth rate will reach 1.85%, the overall growth trend.
Domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor market development is rapid, but the domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry market gap is larger, only from the perspective of demand, 2011, 2012 the gap number was 21200000000, 13700000000, the gap rate was 20.35% and 14.53%.
Industry analysts pointed out: due to the global manufacturing base transfer to China, is expected in the next few years the domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor will remain more than 15% of the market gap, domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitors can not meet the domestic market demand, need to rely on imports to meet the domestic market demand, the future domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitors, especially high technology, high quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors will have great development space and good market prospects.