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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor made of domestic goods industry insiders

With the development of science and technology, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has the pressure to improve the integrated circuit and the whole circuit, and it also has the pressure of mutual penetration in the field of high voltage, high frequency, long life and small capacity. But the aluminum electrolytic capacitor itself is constantly improving, perfecting and innovating.
Environmental improvement, the birth of a new type of machine, so that miniaturization, chip and high voltage and large capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitor application areas continue to expand, increasing demand. Therefore, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a wider development space and a faster growth rate.
According to the Research Institute of industry of China's aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry market in 2013-2017 and investment strategy planning analysis report shows that the growth rate of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the next few years, the growth rate is about 10%, according to the preliminary estimate of the data, to 2015, China's aluminum electrolytic capacitor demand will reach 170000000000.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry survey: with the rapid development of domestic electronic information industry, the main production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in China and other countries, aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be used for notebook computers, office automation equipment, all kinds of switching power supply and demand rapid growth, including Japan, Taiwan and other places to invest in the mainland to set up factories, production capacity to shift to the mainland. At present, Japan NCC (Chemi-con) Sanyo Sanyo in Suzhou, Taiwan LELON in Huizhou with factory production of solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor, supply the domestic market.